For the sake of a title. (this is not the title)



Requirement A (this remains public to interested parties only. However this should not reach the public domain)



  • a specimen


You will be pointed to a specimen

a loud blubbering specimen

that can’t shut the mouth

they may be suspecting a threat

according to their scattered online updates

but never suspecting you


2.) a small room


-here you decide whether the car will be shot at, or whether it will shoot itself, or whether the occupants should die instantly or somewhere in between being rushed to hospital. Whether they should die before the accident, or re-die with the accident. Anyway, this is basically your strategy room.


3.) miscellaneous (remember this is never part of the plan but equally an important part of the plan.)


-these are basically things or people clinging on your specimen for reasons known or unknown to you on your action packed D-day. Include them as minor specimens. Everything afterwards about them will remain as minor as they are. They should not worry you.

4.) Date, Time, Venue


-DTV is the most important. It will not require much. The date will inevitably fix itself, remember we only help with fixing the time and the venue. If you must call amidst a crowd, encrypt your language. Say something like “The D is today, we are working on fixing the TV.” I will automatically understand your reference to DTV.




-place your specimen(s) in the middle of an express highway

blur the cameras, or switch them off at that instance

or ‘they were not even working at all’ is better.

Darkness>Improper cameras> Real action packed action!

That should be the sequence of things.


Requirements B ( this remains top secret. You were originally not intended to read this part. It should have been torn at the perforated edges and mailed to… )


-an isolated  taped yard

to dump the wreckage of the aftermath.

a small television

to follow the twisted sequence of things as they evolve.


{NB:We may need a lot more for the after party, but mainly we may not need this man anymore

We may not need him around at all

If anything

We may have to begin from the top again.}


( Aug’ 2018)


Slow Jam

After our very first call

you wished me a good day

it grew to cover a whole week

when I called the next day

and when that week was done

and the wish was expired

you renewed it for a month more

and then you miraculously

wished me a good year

towards the end of the third month

that was my first death

painfully served in installments.









cow dung-












cow dung














                                                                                                                     Owagah Nov ‘18.

Reading Bukwoski,

I think of men-how bad they are with art

and their zero tolerance and taste for color

I happen to stock a small library of books

with souls of people gathering dust inside

souls of borrowers

who call late into the night for permission

to underline and color phrases  inside

‘color all you may

underline every word you fancy.’

Then by grace, these books return unwillingly

especially when from women,

good of mind and body and eye

I admire the colors of their souls

assume they used their favorite colors

colors of their best underwear  

so profound, how they underline phrases

not like men

spreading ink off the lines like a drunk’s vomit

while attempting to color sex scenes in green

men must be so poor with art

and worse with the color of underwears.  

                                                {Otienoh_Owagah OCT/NOV ‘18}


That fire in your eyes

hidden behind thick glasses

floating fine on your nose

with short arms stretching

to hug the tips of your ears

burn up my thoughts

confuse my speech

when they look at me

that burning flame

behind thick glasses

crash my speech into fine ash

makes me light


I’m lost.



Inside the evening coffin

I joined other deads

and died reclined to a partly shattered window

staring at the light rain

and the municipal rush of other deads

each to their own uncaring abouts

(in cars and on foot)

while more and more trickled in.


So, this one found her comfortable spot

where she quickly died- beside me

(such a silent stolid creature)

but I had been dead long before.


Our evening coffin chugs on

with the mute and lifeless- the dead

then as if inviting a sudden refusal

our coffin halts

and the dead alight

to go bury themselves properly.
                                       ©Otienoh_Owagah 23rd Oct’18